Jarred Bishop Steel Sculpture

arred was a structural steelworker and welder with no formal art background or education. He learned the trade to escape the poverty and diversity suppression of the Mississippi Delta. Most of his works are abstract sculpture fabricated from hot-rolled, cold-rolled, and stainless steel using rudimentary equipment and fundamental techniques, such as hand-bending, forging, and form alteration with heavy striking tools. 
Believing that the welding process is an art all by itself, he attempts to use as many processes as he can, including arc (stick welding), mig (metal inert gas), and tig (tungsten inert gas). Some of his work is used to convey visual representations of genuine, and raw, human emotion, while others concentrate on providing a tangible, kinetic effort to refute the conventional psychological barriers of fear-based oppression,especially as it pertains to travel, cultural exposure, and xenophobia.  
Some of his latter works are heavily influenced by his experiences in aviation, both as a pilot and a skydiver, and attempt to capture the wonderment and mystique of the Earth’s troposphere. Because of its permanence, resistance to the elements, and structural strength, he almost exclusively uses steel for his works. He believes that steel is figuratively, and literally, the backbone of the American culture. From exacerbating the industrial revolution to providing the cytoskeleton of almost every monumental structure we have erected in this country, steel symbolizes our development and resilience as a nation. Without steel, there is no art.
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